10 фраз Эрнеста Ренана
Joseph Ernest Renan

1823 – 1892. French writer, historian and philologist.


1. Man belongs to his age and his race even when fighting against his age and his race.

2. When one complains on one’s existence, it almost always means that the impossible was demanded of life.

3. The dream is good and useful as long as one keeps in mind that it is a dream.

4. Political responsibilities can change but mutual responsibilities of individuals can never change.

5. The existence of a nation is a daily plebiscite, just as that of the individual is a continual affirmation of life.

6. Philosophy is a seasoning without which all dishes seem tasteless but which in itself is not suitable for food.

7. The cup of life is wonderful! What a foolishness to resent her just because you see her bottom.

8. Character brings people closer much more than does the mind.

9. Cowardice is almost always rewarded, but courage is a virtue that is most often punished by death.

10. Love is the real Orpheus who has lifted the humankind out of its animal state.