10 формул Петра Капицы
Pyotr Kapitsa

Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa. An outstanding Soviet physicist. An organizer of science. Academician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Winner of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of superfluidity in liquid helium. Has coined the term, superfluidity. Founder of the Institute of Physical Problems (IPP RAS). One of the founders of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


1. A sense of protest always underlies creative work.

2. Never does a man know his subject well if he won’t teach it to anyone.

3. It was widely believed formerly that discipline was necessary to make a person work. This stance is wrong and should be abandoned. For when this is the case, such an employee must be fired immediately. The purpose of discipline is to enable concerted work.

4. The more fundamental a law, the easier it can be formulated.

5. In science, as in history, a certain stage of development waits for its genius.

A certain period of development requires people with an attuned mindset.

6. Of course, one must be able to overcome difficulties, but it is equally important to be able to avoid facing them...

7. Leadership in science has its own nature and a completely different sense. Let me show by comparison. There is a caravan of vessels in the sea - one vessel leads the way, the second follows it close behind. But leadership in science is not like a caravan of vessels going on the high seas, but a caravan of vessels making their way through ice where the head vessel must free the way by breaking through ice. It must be the strongest one and must choose the right path. Even though the distance between the first and second vessels is narrow, the importance and value of the operation of the first vessel are totally different.

8. Money must turn around. The faster you spend, the more you get.

9. An academician who is remembered 10 years after his death should be considered a classical scientist.

10. One cannot do a good job with other people’s hands.