10 древностей Джона Леббока
John Lubbock

John Lubbock, Baron. 1834 – 1913. British polymath, banker, politician, archaeologist and biologist. He introduced the concepts of Neolithic and Paleolithic ages in archaeology. Honorary Doctor, Cambridge and Oxford Universities. President of several scientific societies.


1. Great misfortunes are not lasting, and minor ones are not worth the attention.

2. For success in life, tact is more important than talent.

3. Health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine.

4. Be wary and keep cool. A cool head is as necessary as a warm heart.

5. Our own anger does us more harm than the thing which makes us angry.

6. You need two to fight; never be one of them.

7. Much certainly of the happiness and purity of our lives depends on our making a wise choice of our companions and friends. If our friends are badly chosen they will inevitably drag us down; if well they will raise us up.

8. Our ancestors had a difficulty in procuring books. Our difficulty now is what to select. We must be careful what we read.

9. Integrity is the best and at the same time the most correct course of action.

10. More people have destroyed themselves than were killed by others.