10 договоров с обществом Томаса Гоббса
Thomas Hobbes

1588 – 1679. An English philosopher. One of the founders of political philosophy, the theory of social contract.



1. Self-confidence is great as it reveals a person aware of his abilities.

2. Words are the counters of wise men, but the money of fools.

3. Beauty is the promise of happiness.

4. “Love thy neighbor” is something other than loving the girl next door.

5. The personality of the king is a personalization of the state.

6. If geometric axioms impacted people’s interests, they would be disproved.

7. In the sciences, we’re looking for causes of not what happened but what could happen.

8. Complaisance is a not sensual but spiritual pleasure inherent in one’s ability to please others.

9. So that in the nature of man, we find three principal causes of discord. First, competition. Secondly, distrust. Thirdly, glory.

10. Happiness is not that we have succeeded in anything, but the success itself.