10 даосизмов Лао-цзы

Laozi (the Old Child, the Wise Old Man). Ancient Chinese philosopher of the 6th - 5th centuries BC, who is credited with authorship of the classical Daoist philosophical tract, Dao De Jing. Considered a deity.


1. To think you know when you do not is a disease.

2. To be calm, at ease and generous is the cure.

3. I can always rise above those who insult me by forgiving them.

4. Winning over others is strong, wining over self is true power.

5. Strong love gives strength to someone, and strong love for someone gives courage.

6. Never condemn a man until you walk a long way wearing his shoes.

7. Who makes you angry controls you.

8. When the people know a lot, it’s hard to direct them.

9. Be attentive to your thoughts, they are the beginning of actions.

10. It's better to be soft outside and hard inside than hard outside and soft inside.