10 чистых высказываний Паоло Мантегаццы
Paolo Mantegazza

1831 – 1910. Italian doctor and hygienist. He is the author of many popular books, such as Physiology of Love.




1. To save love, you have to conquer it every day.

2. Never trust a sudden impression, especially if you saw a woman in her ballroom gown. Take a look at this woman again with reassured feelings and in an everyday setting.

3. The hardest thing to do is to protect those women who can be won over easily; women who take great effort to win over them can save themselves without difficulty.

4. Hygiene is the best cosmetics in the world, the most fruitful creator of beauty.

5. If you feel happy, don’t analyze your happiness. It would be like dissecting a beautiful butterfly in order to better see its beauty.

6. Getting married in order to have a beautiful wife is like overpaying for a piece of land from where the sky belonging to the whole world can be observed.

7. The bell is the voice of the church, calling from afar and sending greetings to the palace and the shack alike.

8. Getting married for hygienic reasons is like throwing yourself into the water to quench your thirst.

9. To love for one hour is a property of an animal, to love one day is a property of each person; lifelong love to the same being is a property of the gods.

10. Love is a kind sorceress who will enrich and spiritualize whatever she touches.