10 анализов Людвига Витгенштейна
Ludwig Joseph Johann Wittgenstein

1889 – 1951. Austrian philosopher and logician, a representative of analytical philosophy.


1. It is a valuable talent to become involved in matters of no concern to you.

2. That the sun will rise in the morning is a hypothesis, meaning we don’t know if it’ll rise or not.

3. What can be said at all must be said clearly; whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

4. If everybody believes something to be true it doesn’t mean it is.

5. It’s hard not to lie when you know too much.

6. A fuzzy boundary is not a boundary at all. A fence with a hole is no better than no fence.

7. A child must learn a lot before he can pretend.

8. Talent is a spring from which fresh water is constantly flowing. But this spring loses its value if it is not used in the right way.

9. The world is a set of facts, not things.

10. The boundaries of my language mean the boundaries of my world.