10 аксиом Пифагора
Pythagoras of Samos

570 - 490 BC. Ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician and mystic. Known for the Pythagoras’ theorem.



1. Opportunity is known to be found where there is necessity.

2. Don’t turn friends into enemies, and try to turn enemies into friends.

3. To learn the mores of whatever people, learn their language before.

4. Only an ungrateful person can praise one in the face and scorn one behind one’s back

5. A joke, like salt, should be used in moderation.

6. Don’t judge your greatness by the length of your shadow at sunset.

7. If you can be an eagle, don’t strive to be the first among jackdaws.

8. Explore everything but put reason first.

9. Neither speak nor act when angry.

10. The beginning is half the whole.