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Kuban scientists are engaged in the study of value orientations, social attitudes, and identities of the younger generation in the era of digitalization and globalization

Author Olesya Farberovich

New inventions turn the normal setup upside down. The agenda today is digital technologies. They invade our brain, changing its settings. The further they go – the more interesting it gets.

Author Evgeniya Chernoskulova

The first railway was built back in the 19th century. Many things have changed since then and are still changing. We have put the most important things in the past, present and future of railway transport into one article

Author Evgeniya Chernoskulova

How have global changes in traditional lifestyle occurred, and what transformations are waiting for us ahead? We have seen already robotization, artificial intelligence, exploration of planets and global village, while the changes ahead look even more interesting

Author Evgeniya Chernoskulova


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What saints did the conquistadors pray to and why did they decide to conquer Mexico? What was the ethnic, regional, and age composition of the Conquista? 

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