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Материалы рубрики «Physics», page 5


Carl Sagan played a key role in the US space program

Author Yanina Khuzhina

Billions of dollars are spent on research in the field of laser thermonuclear fusion. Why is it needed and what successful experiments have already been done? Speaker: Mikhail Leonidovich Shmatov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Author Yanina Khuzhina
Photo Andrey Luft
Video Dmitrij Samsonov

What is the advantage of redox flow batteries and how are they arranged?

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva
Photo Andrey Luft

The aquatic ecosystems of the dry land intensively emit greenhouse gases. How and why? Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Viktor Stepanenko tells us about it

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva
Photo Andrey Luft
Video Aleksandr Kozlov

Recalling the achievements of the outstanding scientist


What is time: an illusion or physical reality? Does time exist if no one is looking at it? Are time and space absolute and can time go backward?

Author Yanina Khuzhina
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachev
Video Alexey Kornoukhov

How can we provide for the future energy needs of humanity? Can we hope for hydrogen energy? How to find a reasonable balance between growing needs and maintaining a healthy environment?

Беседовала Наталия Лескова
Фото Николай Мохначев
Видео Алексей Корноухов

What role does the concept of God plays in the existence of the Universe? What is God in terms of physics? Does antimatter exist? What is dark matter and can it be registered?


Remembering the achievements of a famous scientist


Recalling the achievements of an outstanding scientist

Yanina Khuzhina

How were the first tokamaks created and when can we expect the first fusion power plants to appear?

Author Anastasia Penzina
Photo Nikolay Malakhin
Video Aleksandr Kozlov

Today it is known in Russia and abroad as the “Kurchatov Institute.” Yet when it was founded, the facility was called Laboratory No.2 of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The order for its establishment was signed on August 14, 1943


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What saints did the conquistadors pray to and why did they decide to conquer Mexico? What was the ethnic, regional, and age composition of the Conquista? 

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