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Artificial worlds on the screen of a headset or virtual reality glasses are used in many areas today, from education and medicine to industry and architecture


Remembering the achievements of an outstanding scientist

Author Yanina Khuzhina

Identity verification technology has evolved from a paper document with a seal, which was easy to forge, to systems that can accurately determine if a person in front is the one they claim to be


In recent years, scientists have noted that the information load on a person has increased significantly over the past half-century


Sergey Alexeyevich Lebedev, an outstanding scientist, a man who stood at the origins of the creation of Russian computers, was born on November 2, 1902


The aquatic ecosystems of the dry land intensively emit greenhouse gases. How and why? Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Viktor Stepanenko tells us about it

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva
Photo Andrey Luft
Video Aleksandr Kozlov

Digital technology is changing every sphere of our lives. Science and education are no exception

Author Evgeniya Chernoskulova
Video by Dmitry Samsonov

Sergey Ivanov on the development of modern physics and the main research directions of Ioffe Institute

Author Anastasia Penzina
Video Aleksandr Kozlov
Photo Nikolay Malakhin

On August 7, 1944, the first American programmable computer, Mark I, was launched

Alexander Burmistrov

Can our computers be made more powerful, and what solutions can be used for it? When will quantum computer be issued? Academician Aleksandr Gorbatsevich reflects upon quantum system modeling

Video Aleksandr Kozlov
Author Nataliya Leskova
Photo Andrey Luft

Next-generation 6g mobile communications will cost the world 100 billion dollars, and construction of new networks will begin in 10 years. This was disclosed in Skoltech. Scientific Russia recounts the history of mobile communications

Author Aleksandr Burmistrov

Virtual and augmented reality, 3D modeling, and other scientific achievements have already found application in medicine

Photo Andrey Luft
Video Dmitry Samsonov
Author Evgeniya Chernoskulova

RAS correspondent member Aleksey Zhukov dwells upon achievements in creation of nanostructures at the cutting-edge laboratory of quantum optoelectronics in Saint Petersburg

Author Anastasia Penzina
Video Aleksey Kornoukhov

New inventions turn the normal setup upside down. The agenda today is digital technologies. They invade our brain, changing its settings. The further they go – the more interesting it gets.

Author Evgeniya Chernoskulova

New York. May 11, 1997. Reigning world chess champion Garry Kasparov challenged computer. 

Author Anastasia Ibragimova

Is it possible to create a full-scale model of the human brain with a super computer? What is Russia’s position in the world race of computations? We discussed this and other topics with RAS Academician Igor Kalyaev

Video Aleksandr Kozlov
Author Yanina Khuzhina

Once, amateur radio has been a very popular hobby. Does anybody keep the ball rolling today? Does this hobby have future? Commentaries of Yevgeny Sukhoverkhov, head of Radio Electronics Museum Complex

Video Aleksandr Kozlov
Author Anastasia Ibragimova
Photo Nikolay Malakhin


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What saints did the conquistadors pray to and why did they decide to conquer Mexico? What was the ethnic, regional, and age composition of the Conquista? 

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