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Материалы рубрики «Earth Science», page 4


Volgograd scientists are conducting long-term monitoring of farmland in arid areas of the European part of Russia to identify the degree and dynamics of desertification


Scientific Russia visited the 2 billion years old Girvas paleovolcano

Author Yanina Khuzhina
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachov
Video Alexey Kornoukhov

Karelian scientists study the current situation of the Cervidae family populations, among them is the endangered Finnish forest reindeer

Author Olesya Farberovich

This is a story about the work of the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Karelia’s landmarks: Curly birch, also known as the Karelian birch, Freshwater pearl mussel and Trout breeding


Arkhangelsk scientists are developing an emanation method based on the use of radon gas that can indicate the presence of kimberlite bodies in the diamond-rich regions of the country

Author Olesya Farberovich

We know that biological species evolve, but what about minerals? What is the reason for their appearance on Earth and what role could they play in the emergence of life on our planet? 

Author Yanina Khuzhina
Video Dmitrij Samsonov

The aquatic ecosystems of the dry land intensively emit greenhouse gases. How and why? Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Viktor Stepanenko tells us about it

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva
Photo Andrey Luft
Video Aleksandr Kozlov

Algae produce about 80% of all organic substances on the planet

Author Anna Posokhova

Ufa biologists have been working for many years to study the consequences of the spread and impact as well as harm assessment of invasive (aggressive) species on the biodiversity of the Southern Ural Mountains


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What saints did the conquistadors pray to and why did they decide to conquer Mexico? What was the ethnic, regional, and age composition of the Conquista? 

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