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Материалы рубрики «Chemistry», page 2


On 27 August 865, Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Razi, Persian scholar, encyclopedist, physician, alchemist, and philosopher was born.

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya

Scientists help understand where fires will occur in advance, as well as to prepare the liquids that are more effective than water

Alexander Burmistrov

On August 19, 1947, Dutch chemists David Adriaan van Dorp and Josef Ferdinand Arens synthesized vitamin A or retinol for the first time in history. The same year Otto Isler introduced the vitamin into production.

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya

How did the Moon come into being? Has this issue been finally settled? How much water is there the solar system? Could life evolve in extraterrestrial oceans? What a geologist has to do with space?

Беседовала Наталия Лескова
Видео Александр Козлов
Оформил фото Николай Малахин

Is it possible to create pocket analyzers of food and medicine quality? So that you could go to the store or the market, apply the device to it and see if you should buy it or not. Yes, it is possible!

Author Nataliya Leskova
Video Aleksandr Kozlov
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachev

A relatively small European country may be similar in size to the dumps of Russia. According to various sources, an average person throws away up to two cubic meters of waste a year 

Author Aleksandr Burmistrov

On the present and future of nanotechnologies in medicine and history of High Purity Biologicals Institute – RAS academician Mikhail Dubina 

Author Anastasia Penzina
Video Aleksey Kornoukhov

How does modern chemistry make it possible to obtain materials with promising features? Where can small particles capable of diagnosing and treating horrible diseases simultaneously find their niche in the epoch of biotechnologies? 

Author Nataliya Leskova
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachev
Video Aleksey Kornoukhov

On the history of sunscreens and differences between modern cosmetic products 

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya

The Great Patriotic War began 80 years ago. Soviet scientists fought for victory along with the Red Army. Article on war time technologies and science products.


On June 12, as part of the press tour to the Republic of Crimea, the Scientific Russia portal visited the Agricultural Microbiology Department of the Agricultural Research Institute of Crimea


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What saints did the conquistadors pray to and why did they decide to conquer Mexico? What was the ethnic, regional, and age composition of the Conquista? 

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